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Welcome to Kampuchean Young Leaders’ Action

Kampuchean Young Leaders’ Action to transform a loose grouping of former scholarship recipients who have since entered the workforce into a highly organized and focused group of change agents who can advocate for increased opportunities for other young people to realize their full potential. This transformation will take the form of a group of former KAPE-affiliated scholarship recipients called ‘Kampuchean Young Leaders’ Action’ that will have a formal structure, clear statutes that articulate.

Our Mission

Our mission is for performing former KAPE-affiliated a pool of resources with which to undertake their advocacy activities. KYLA grows, it will include many successful professionals and entrepreneurs who will give back to society by supporting KYLA.

Our Vision

  • young leaders/leadership
  • young people setting their own goals and direction and becoming independent
  • young people solving problems for themselves, their communities and their countries
  • young people being brave enough to speak out and advocate for issues in their community
  • young people are able to share their experiences as part of a network of young leaders

From the Galleries

Our amazing volunteers work hard all year round to make sure we do just that!


This is our latest events

Educational Career Counselling Forum via Trey Visay App

The Kampuchean Young Leaders’ Action (KYLA) hosted its Educational Career Counselling Forum via Trey Visay, attended by the Deputy Director of Provincial Office of Education, Youth and Sport of Tbaung Khmum, Director of District Office of Education, Youth and Sport of Ponhea Krek and School Director of Ponhea Krek high school in Ponhea Krek district, Tbaung Khmum province