Our Mission

Our mission is for performing former KAPE-affiliated a pool of resources with which to undertake their advocacy activities. KYLA grows, it will include many successful professionals and entrepreneurs who will give back to society by supporting KYLA.

Our Vision

  • young leaders/leadership
  • young people setting their own goals and direction and becoming independent
  • young people solving problems for themselves, their communities and their countries
  • young people being brave enough to speak out and advocate for issues in their community
  • young people are able to share their experiences as part of a network of young leaders

What we do?

  • To empowerment of affiliated institutions that can support the goal of increasing youth opportunities (e.g., Student Councils)
  • Provide E-counselling, Career education services to youth-in-schools from grade 9-12 
  • Training leadership skill workshops on selected topics (e.g., public speaking, working as a team, problem solving, and networking).
  •  Women’s Empowerment Awareness Raising (e.g., Citizen’s Rights and  Politics, Economic and  Cultural Rights, etc)
  • Provide training; social media, storytelling, video filming and platforms.